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Quality >> Growth

Quality management in a disruptive era

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Quality >> Growth (December 1st)


Quality Management – Stability in a disruptive era

Quickly changing conditions urge companies to reconsider their business strategies and to decide in a timely manner on risk and opportunities in a disruptive era to ensure continuity. The role of quality management will need to change to remain relevant for the business.

ISO 9001:2015 has just been launched and reaches out for the future including aspects as context, risk and compliance, based on an integral management system approach. But is it enough added value for sustained success for companies?

On December 1st, 2016, the Netherlands Standardisation Institute (NEN) will host a congress exploring the new challenges in quality management by interpreting the impact of recent changes and predicting new business requirements.

Internationally known and respected quality experts will accept this challenge. Will you join them?

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  • Christian Kromme

    Christian Kromme

    TEDx/Public speaker, Artificial Industry
  • Sandra Feliciano

    Sandra Feliciano

    Teacher, School of Management and Technology – Porto Polytechnic (ESTG-PP)
  • Piet-Hein Daverveldt

    Piet-Hein Daverveldt

    Managing Director, NEN
  • Stanislav Karapetrovic

    Stanislav Karapetrovic

    Professor University of Alberta, Canada
  • Isaac Sheps

    Isaac Sheps

    Convener of ISO TC176/SC2/WG25
  • Alka Jarvis

    Alka Jarvis

    Distinguished Quality Engineer, Cisco
  • Bert Genuit

    Bert Genuit

    St v.d. Brink Transport / Partner Ritzky Organisatieadvies
  • Nigel Howard Croft

    Nigel Howard Croft

    Chairman ISO/TC 176.SC 2 Quality Management
  • Marieke Kessels

    Marieke Kessels

    Kerteza / Business Development Director, Infoland
  • Buddy Cressionnie

    Buddy Cressionnie

    Aviation, Space and Defense Quality Management System Expertise, IAQG
  • Steven Bens

    Steven Bens

    Managing Director, Unix-Solutions BVBA
  • Katie Altoft

    Katie Altoft

    Professor and Consultant in Environmental Management Strategy
  • Alan Daniels

    Alan Daniels

    Regulatory and Quality Systems Oversight, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • John Paul Simpson

    John Paul Simpson

    Global Policy, Risk and Certification Manager, SAI Global
  • Myles Stevens

    Myles Stevens

    Large Contracts Development Manager, Bureau Veritas Certification
  • Lidia van Huizen

    Lidia van Huizen

    Senior consultant (patient)safety and quality, and researcher change management, UMC Groningen
  • Birgitta Karlsson

    Birgitta Karlsson

    Manager, Quality Assurance and MS, Sandvik Machining Solutions, Sandvik
  • Charles Groenhuijsen

    Charles Groenhuijsen

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